Famars USA: Hand Engraved Lama With Gold In-Lay and Mallard Engraving


Famars USA Lama : The world’s first pinless sidelock knife. This knife is hand engraved by Master Engraver Marino Volpi with two different depictions of a mallard. On side one a mallard head is engraved and in-layed with gold. Side two depicts three mallards in flight, and is also in-layed with gold. Ornamental engraving surround these depictions.

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Model: FAMARS USA Lama
Body Type: Stainless Steel
In-Lay: Gold
Button: Diamond
Blade1: Standard Blade in 154cm
Blade2: Tanto in 154cm
Engraving: Hand engraved with mallards and ornamental design.

*Please call 855-326-2771 for your customized Lama consultation.